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Mobile, gaming & animation industry

Mobile, Gaming & Animation Industry Whether it is Babar Ahmed whose Mindstorm Studios created Cricket Revolution™ – the first PC game produced by a Pakistani gaming outfit to sell in retail stores internationally – and recently launched the official game of the ICC WorldCup 2011; brothers Rizwan and Irfan Virk whose GameView Studios created the successful Tap franchise and was recently acquired by Japanese social gaming giant DeNA; Hasan Rizvi whose Pepper.PK made history by developing two top-ranking paid BlackBerry applications at BlackBerry’s AppWorld store; Murad Akhtar who left Stanford and Silicon Valley to form Tintash, dedicated to creating innovative casual games designed for the iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms; or Umair Javed of TkXeL who prides himself in creating not one but two 100% "Made in Pakistan" mobile applications and gaming companies from a university lab in Lahore, Pakistan’s mobile, gaming, and animation scene is increasingly a hotbed of a new generation of exciting entrepreneurs seeking their fair share in the riches and prosperity of a new age of infotainment, and in the process making a point to the rest of the world.

Pakistan’s financial software industry

Pakistan’s IT industry that has been overtaken, only recently, by the boom in the telecommunications sector. Pakistan’s financial services technology industry is also quite diversified – both in terms of the geographical-market footprint, and the coverage of various sub-sectors – and has shown considerable resilience in the wake of the recent global financial crisis, whose impact has been particularly severe and prolonged on the developed financial markets in the United States and Europe.

From a market thrust standpoint, for instance, the financial services technology companies have been varied, and can be divided into three distinct streams:

• Focussed towards the developed world, especially the European Union (EU) and the United States (US)
• Focussed towards rest of the world, especially the Asia-Pacific (AP) region
• Focussed towards the emerging markets and developing countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), including, Pakistan’s domestic market at home

In each of these markets, Pakistani IT companies face and respond to a different set of drivers, challenges, and opportunities commensurate with the level of maturity, regulatory needs, demands of the end consumer, and growth prospects.

Global healthcare

In 1997, Bilal Hashmat founded CureMD – a New York - based company – to provide IT solutions to the growing US healthcare market. The fi- company in the world to o- cloud - based services to the healthcare industry, CureMD today is one of the top-ranked healthcare IT providers in the United States. Kubair A. Shirazee’s Ikonami Ltd. recently concluded an acquisition of its very successful suite of learning, competence, and performance management products focussed on the UK healthcare industry by Radcli- Publishing Ltd., whose parent company, Electric Word plc, a specialist information publisher focussed on the healthcare vertical. With the product installed in 410 hospital trusts of the National Health Service (NHS), Ikonami Pakistan can pride itself on contribution to one of the largest healthcare providers in the world.

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