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Tarteel Technologies is running the project of the Online Quran tutoring around the world. The advancement in technologies has opened the ways of education online. Therefore, the online Quran learning started back in 1995. I was then done on Yahoo and MSN with just the voice call. But later on the video call and screen sharing made it a real classroom. The students from Non Arab countries are always looking for online Quran classes of Tajweed, Qirat and Noorani Qaida. Especially the parents in non Arab countries are worried about the Quran education of their kids and family. Now, anyone cal learn with any qualified teacher of an Arab country. Online Quran classes are now conducted via VOIP, Skype, and zoom as well. Quran teacher can connect via video or audio call and sharing the screen as well. This video calling and screen sharing will make the process like a face to face learning environment. It is very much interesting to learn as well via this way. The teachers give lecture or instruction regarding Tajweed and Arabic on the lesson in the class. They also help students pronounce the letters and words repeatedly so that the recitation would be perfect. The Quran lessons are scheduled at your desired time and days. You can save time and resources as well learning at your own time and being at home. You can choose male and female Quran teachers as well. You can choose a teacher who is speaking English, Arabic, and Urdu. The teachers are from Egypt, Jordan and Pakistan. For More information on this you can logon to our website as well: https://www.tarteelequran.com


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Email : ssanaullah@hotmail.com

Web address : www.tarteelequran.com

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