Aims & Objectives

To achieve its aims and objectives linked with promoting Pakistan's IT Industry, PSEB performs the following major functions:

  • Undertake research and study regarding the state of Pakistan's Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector, and propose strategies to fast-track sustainable development in software and services; IT-enabled services, and hardware in both export and domestic markets.
  • Study the IT laws and regulations of various competitor countries, and propose improvements and modifications in Pakistan's public policy for the IT industry.
  • Register IT companies in Pakistan, and propose and provide fiscal, regulatory and corporate incentives and facilitation to them. Act as a bridge between private IT companies and various Government bodies.
  • Work with telecom regulators and operators to reduce broadband bandwidth tariffs/rates, and improve quality in order to maintain international competitiveness.
  • Plan, develop and establish Software Technology Parks (STPs) and IT Parks in Pakistan.
  • Determine Pakistan's IT industry's human capital requirements, and work to address them in collaboration with other entities.
  • Develop and execute a marketing plan to help local software companies reach out to potential clients abroad; attract and facilitate foreign software firms to establish their software development facilities in Pakistan. Arrange for Pakistan's IT industry to participate in domestic and international IT events. Provide protocol, hosting and matchmaking facilities for foreign delegates and investors. Establish a web portal for customers, investors and companies, and prepare and disseminate marketing collateral.
  • Develop IT companies' capability by assisting them in acquiring quality, security and other certifications.
  • Facilitate IT companies' growth by enabling access to equity and debt-financing, and by fostering an entrepreneurial culture.
  • Target the development of specialized fields, such as ERP for Small and medium Enterprises (SMEs), and open source technologies, to create a snowball affect.
  • PSEB is a guarantee limited company with a Board of Directors comprising representatives of the Government, industry associations and the private sector. PSEB is Government-owned, and is mandated to promote Pakistan's Information Technology (IT) industry.In order to achieve this objective, PSEB undertakes a number of programs:
  • About 700,000 square feet of IT-enabled space has been leased out to IT companies in PSEB-designated IT Parks, and there are plans to construct several new Parks over the next couple of years.
  • PSEB also operates one of the most successful quality certification programs in the world, under which 110 IT companies have received International Standards Organization (ISO) certification.
  • There are a number of human resource development initiatives, including an internship program which has received national recognition for placing 2500 interns within the IT industry – 80% of whom have been permanently employed.
  • PSEB works extensively with the international and domestic media in order to promote Pakistan's IT industry, and also subsidizes participation in international trade shows and delegations. Under a new targeted marketing program, Pakistan's key strengths in animation, call centers, finance, gaming, medical transcription, and other areas will be offered to promising markets.
  • PSEB also plans to launch a Venture Capital (VC) Fund that will be part of an ecosystem for IT financing. The organization also advocates industry perspectives with a number of Government agencies related to data protection, intellectual property protection, tariffs, taxation, and other areas.
  • Facilitation activities offered to IT companies include assistance in visa processing, call center certification, software import, and access to a number of PSEB-commissioned, as well as international studies and reports.
All PSEB activities are part of an integrated strategy and action plan whose mission is to achieve fast track growth of the Pakistani IT industry from 4.1 billion dollars in exports and domestic revenue at present to 10 billion dollars by 2025 from IT and IT-enabled services.

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Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) is an apex Government body mandated to promote Pakistan's IT Industry in local and international markets. PSEB facilitates the IT industry through a series of projects and programs in infrastructure development, human capital development and company capability development.


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